Management Control


The service is designed for enterprises that want to monitor their economic performance through conventional economic indices. This allows to program management activities on a yearly or multi-year period and to check regularly the efficiency and effectiveness of decisions taken. It 's the first step that brings the company from a policy based on emergency management to a policy based on operational planning.

  • Formulation of objectives and programs of short period and production of a document (budget) that highlights the results the organization intends to pursue in the next year or period.

  • Systematic check of the degree of program implementation and achievement of goals by the variance analysis and the application of indexes / reports / ratios. The activities are expressed with the production of a set of control statements periodically submitted to the direction (reporting).

  • Adoption of appropriate corrective measures in case the check referred in the previous point signs the existence of management dysfunctions and of no longer valid programs.



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2006 Euroitttica Parrinello S.r.l. Management Control

Since 2006 to 2008

Stefania Mode S.r.l. Management Control                
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